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KStew: Eyeliner is essential

Kristen Stewart eats more cheeseburgers when she feels "happy and comfortable".

The 25-year-old actress is famed for either making a statement or keeping things casual on the red carpet, often opting for Chanel ensembles to pull off the former. But there's one thing Kristen maintains whatever the style.

"I need a black eyeliner, it would be weird to be without that. But I either like being really sexy or insanely androgynous," she explained to Britain's Harper's Bazaar. "I don't like having nice hair, ever. There's something about it that pushes me over into feeling I'm wearing a costume. So long as I can have my hair the way it normally is, then I can do everything else full on."

What she wears depends on her figure too, as the star admits her weight is often fluctuating. She isn't fussy when it comes to her food, revealing she could happily eat at a gas station whenever the chance arises.

"I'm a little bigger than sample size when I'm eating cheeseburgers and am happy and comfortable. If I'm stressed or working, the weight falls off," she added. "My weight and my sleep are tied to my nervous system. Sometimes I'll sleep for 12 hours a night and sometimes sleep just doesn't exist for me for a couple of months."

She continued to reason that because she's petite, she's "wrecked" if she gets too thin. Her eating habits reflect her mood, with Kristen noting that she'll glug a big glass of red wine and tuck into all sorts of food when she feels happy.

She maintains regular workouts too, relying on a personal trainer to help her carry out various exercises.

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