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KStew: Fashion shoots leave me cold

Kristen Stewart makes a conscious decision to dress for her introverted personality.

The actress had her big break in the Twilight franchise and became known for going to red carpet events with a pair of Converse on her feet.

Since then she’s had something of a style transformation, but old habits die hard.

“I don’t know much about fashion and don’t have particularly exquisite taste,” she admitted to the German edition of Glamour magazine.

“I’ve never liked shopping and I don’t enjoy having my picture taken. In particular, I find fashion shoots very alienating.

“Of course you want to look good and wear something you feel comfortable in. I’m just more the type to blend into the background and I consciously present myself that way. That’s why I often won’t even get recognised, for example if I go out in a hoodie. It makes it easier to escape the madness sometimes.”

She might not be crazy about fashion, but designers have taken notice of her look and she’s appeared in campaigns for the likes of Chanel clothing and Balenciaga fragrance.

All these new opportunities have opened her up to the world of style and beauty.

"I'd never worn a scent before I tried Balenciaga Florabotanica, but like clothes can make you aware of different aspects of yourself so a smell can elevate you," she previously explained. "There's something hot about it - a little heated and slightly more dangerous than the name suggests."

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