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KStew: I'm ageing

Kristen Stewart has started to notice her skin "changing".

The 23-year-old actress has distinctive porcelain skin and her flawless looks landed her the role as the face of Balenciaga’s fragrances.

Although she is still young, Kristen has already started working on keeping her complexion in top condition.

“I’ve just started using an eye cream, you know I never used to worry about these things but lately I have noticed my skin changing,” she told

“Typically I try to get good sleep, drink water, eat healthy. I could sleep ten hours, but I find eight hours is sufficient.”

Kristen is a chameleon when it comes to changing her looks for different films. In the Twilight franchise she sported long brown hair, whereas for her role as Joan Jet in The Runaways she sports messy black locks.

To commit to each project Kristen is happy to embrace her character and change her appearance for the short term.

“I’m pretty much open to anything – if I really loved the part I’d do anything,” she explained. “You know, hair grows relatively speaking - it doesn’t take that long in exchange for a good experience so I think it’s worth it. I’ve been blonde, dark, I’ve had reddish hair, short long. I run the gambit.”

When she’s away from the camera Kristen likes to dress down. She credits her mother Jules Mann-Stewart for her laid back approach to fashion.

“I go for a typically natural look, not just because it’s easy. I’m from Southern California – I was born and raised in LA and here we’re very casual. If I go to London or New York – it’s so fancy; I’m the one looking completely out of place,” she mused.

“My mom is a completely southern California girl – she is why I am ‘Miss jeans and a T-shirt’. You look at those people, who are so put together, and then you look at their mom’s and they tend to be put together. My mom is like don’t worry about it; make-up is so artificial why would you not want to look like yourself?”

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