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Kurt Russell: 'I have zero interest in fashion'

Kurt Russell and Tim Roth aren't into fashion in the slightest.

Kurt Russell is the worst person to talk about men's fashion.

The Hollywood star is better known for his screen roles than his style sense, though he always scrubs up well when hitting the red carpet. When it comes to clothes though, Kurt is clueless.

"I'm not a fashion... I don't get fashion, I don't have that gene," he laughed to Britain's GQ. "Guys who are interested in fashion, I just don't know what that means. How the f**k is that gonna help you hit the fastball? It's not gonna so... I am the world's worst person to talk about male fashion."

Kurt was joined by his The Hateful Eight co-star Tim Roth for the chat, with British actor Tim agreeing with Kurt's fashion stance. Dressed casually in a dark sweater and jeans, Tim admits his look has barely changed over the years.

"I made a decision when I was a kid that jeans and T-shirt were the way to go - and I'm pretty much still in that thing," Tim smiled.

It's not just fashion that Kurt doesn't hold in high regard; he couldn’t care less about his looks either. The 64-year-old even goes so far as to advise publications from steering clear of using his face on front covers.

"I've only done about five magazine covers in my life; one of them was GQ. And I'm pretty sure I still own the record of having the lowest selling GQ of all time," he grinned. "And that's going back a few years."

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