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Kurt Russell: I'm a moustache man in new flick

Kurt Russell's The Hateful Eight costume was the brainchild of director Quentin Tarantino.

Kurt Russell's hairy character in The Hateful Eight is more a case of the moustache wearing the man.

The Hollywood icon's second collaboration with director Quentin Tarantino, after 2007's Death Proof, is due out in January (16), with fans anticipating another hit for Quentin. The role of bounty hunter John Ruth required Kurt to sport a face full of fuzz, something he admits was all Quentin's idea.

"The buffalo jacket and a big moustache were Quentin," Kurt smiled to Details magazine. "It's a big look, a moustache wearing a man. I put a lot of stock in appearance."

Kurt also likes to have his say when it comes to costumes. For 1981's sci-fi flick Escape From New York, Kurt quickly found out his wardrobe props intimidated others.

"For Escape From New York, I worked with the designer on Snake Plissken," he recalled of his character. "I thought the eye patch would be a good idea, so he'd show a slight pain in his eye at all times. I remember filming at night in St. Louis in 1980. I walked around a corner and there were four guys who didn't know we were shooting a movie. They saw me and said, 'Whoa! Easy, man!' I just stood there looking at them, and they turned around!"

The long hair required in The Hateful Eight had a direct impact on another movie Kurt was shooting at roughly the same time, Bone Tomahawk. Away from the camera Kurt is known for his long hair, but he'd happily chop it off for the right role.

"For this guy here (Sheriff Hunt), I had to do a different version of him because I was getting ready for The Hateful Eight," Kurt explained to America's Esquire magazine. "I would have changed my look significantly for this one. I would've had much shorter hair."

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