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Kurt Russell: Long hair, don't care

Actor Kurt Russell couldn't cut his hair for his latest movie as he had to keep it long for The Hateful Eight.

Actor Kurt Russell is glad he's still got a head full of hair.

The film star still boasts a bountiful barnet, giving men younger than him real hair envy. At 64 Kurt admits it's quite the feat.

"I still got some, so that's good, I guess!" he laughed to America's Esquire magazine.

For his latest role in Bone Tomahawk Kurt nearly went for the chop, but a tight filming schedule overlapping with The Hateful Eight meant his locks stayed long.

Bone Tomahawk centres on a sheriff (Kurt) in the Old West and his team of men who embark on a rescue mission to save three people from a savage group of cave dwellers.

"For this guy here (Sheriff Hunt), I had to do a different version of him because I was getting ready for The Hateful Eight," Kurt explained. "I would have changed my look significantly for this one. I would've had much shorter hair. Men at the time typically had shorter hair, but I looked around and there were all kinds of different looks. But I was really getting ready for Quentin's movie and I had no choice because we finished on a Saturday morning at 10:00 and I started rehearsal on Quentin's movie Monday morning at 8:00."

Quentin's long-awaited new feature hits cinemas from January (16), marking his first screen outing since 2012's Oscar-winning Django Unchained. It's another Western film for Kurt, who this time plays bounty hunter John 'The Hangman' Ruth.

"I had to continue to grow my moustache," he said. "Not my beard. I cut my beard down, but I continued to grow the moustache, so it was a massive thing for Hateful Eight.

"So the look I have in Bone Tomahawk was sort of a halfway house thing, halfway to where I was going for Hateful Eight. It's in full blown maturity in Hateful Eight! It's a moustache wearing a man in, not the other way around!"

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