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Kylie and Kendall: Our style has changed

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have revealed their favourite pieces from their latest PacSun collection.

The 16-year-old star and her older sister Kendall are set to launch their latest collection for PacSun, which is full of pieces perfect for the summer.

Drawing comparisons between their new offering and previous designs, Kylie admits her sense of style has changed.

"What might be surprising about this collection versus the past one is our favourite pieces," Kylie told Teen Vogue. "In the past, I've gravitated more towards the darker fabrics.

"It's light, airy, and perfect for summer," she said, referring to an ivory-coloured two piece with embroidered detail as her favourite outfit.

Kendall continued to explain how she's more into bold prints and also shared her must-have piece in the range.

"I tend to pick outfits that have more colours and patterns but for this collection I love our dark floral romper. It's a go-to piece for any summer festivity," she smiled.

One of the reasons Kendall's taste in fashion has changed is due to her budding modelling career. Having worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, the 18-year-old beauty has been massively influenced.

"How could it not, seeing all those incredible designers?" she added.

It seems Kylie too has been affected by the ever-changing trends, currently sporting bright blue hair. She puts this down to her experimenting flowing into other areas surrounding her clothes.

"I have always been adventurous with my fashion choices - now my hair is just an accent to my style," she mused.

The siblings also have an accessories range for Madden Girl, helmed by footwear designer Steve Madden. When asked how hopeful designers can follow in their footsteps they shared some valuable advice on how to have a successful line.

"Have a vision of what you want the line to look like. Find a strong voice and passion and just start doing it," they recommended. "Even if that means posting sketches online to fashion blogs, videos, or Tumblr - just do whatever you can to get your designs noticed."

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