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Kylie: I'm no gym bunny

Kylie Minogue can't be bothered with jogging or hitting the gym.

The 46-year-old kicks off her Kiss Me Once Tour later this month, which means nearly 40 energetic shows in 15 countries coming her way.

She might look amazing for her age, but hitting the gym isn't high on the Australia star's agenda.

"No, but I'm very active," she admitted to British magazine Hello! when asked if she works out.

"For example, ten days ago we did filming for some of the stuff that's going to be on the giant screens on tour and trust me, it's when I'm in the most awkward, contorted positions and I'm told to stay there, it's like Pilates.

"I don't do Pilates, but if I had to do any kind of workout I would do Pilates or yoga - something low impact. I'm not a jogger or a runner, but I like to stay flexible and strong. I have a strong core and high heels keep you strong."

Kylie insists that while she's fairly "boring" with her diet, she does allow herself treats. Her biggest weaknesses are dark chocolate and cashew nuts and on a night out she likes to sip champagne or gin and tonic.

Her younger sister Dannii, 42, also has a great physique and Kylie says it's all in the genes.

"Well, I guess. My mom's little; we're all Minogue size," she smiled.

"Also my sister, I think she has a great body. She's more hourglass than me. I always marvel at her waist; I look at it and go, 'Wow!'"

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