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Kylie Jenner: I never have facials

Kylie Jenner has never been a fan of having a facial, because sister Kendall once warned her that it could cause bad skin.

Kylie Jenner never has facials for fear that they can cause blemishes.

The 18-year-old reality TV star is known for her flawless complexion. However, she admits her stunning appearance is not down to regular skin treatments. In fact, Kylie’s older sister Kendall, 20, once warned her against having facials.

“I don’t do facials or anything like that,” Kylie told "I have always heard that they’re bad. Kendall is a skin guru because she had acne when she was younger so she knows everything, so she told me not to get facials."

Kylie tries to stick to natural products as far as possible. She's also been seeking advice from Kendall’s skincare professional on maintaining a blemish free complexion.

“I am really into Kiehl’s right now, and Kendall’s dermatologist has a line of stuff that she makes, so I've been using her natural washes, too,” Kylie said.

Another of Kylie’s most beloved beauty products is the much talked about wonder product – coconut oil. Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively and Angelina Jolie have all spoken of their love of the stuff, and Kylie uses it as a multi-use product.

“Coconut oil is everything to me, I put it all over my body, in my hair, that’s the best,” Kylie said.

Kylie has become a household name around the world thanks to her famous family and make-up and fashion designing work. During her journeys around the world she always ensures she has her “glam squad” on hand to help her look as flawless as possible.

Asked what the furthest she has ever flown her team of make-up and hair specialists, Kylie blushed and replied: “Australia, probably!”

One of Kylie’s favourite specialists is hairstylist Jen Atkin – but she has some competition from her sisters as to who enlists her for her lock taming skills.

“Khloé is obsessed with her, so she gets mad every time we use her,” Kylie smiled. “She’s just so good, that she doesn’t want anyone else to have her, but it’s all playing and fun and games."

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