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Kylie Jenner: My make-up is always perfect

Kylie Jenner has given her top tips on perfecting the art of a “killer selfie”.

Kylie Jenner says her make-up disasters are in her past.

The 18-year-old reality star has developed a reputation for being a pro when it comes to applying cosmetics, particularly lip liner. Kylie prefers to apply her own make-up rather than relying on experts and although she is still young – she rarely has any regrets about her looks.

“Apart from a few beauty disasters on the show when I was younger, I’ve honestly got doing my own make-up down to a tee,” the brunette told Britain’s InStyle magazine. “I love that I get to do exactly what I want.”

Kylie - along with her famous siblings Kendall Jenner and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian - is no stranger to posing for the cameras. She also has fans flocking to her Instagram page to see photos of her latest make-up looks. And the budding beauty mogul has shared a few tips for perfecting the art of taking a super selfie.

“Great lighting, a good angle and a filter are all you need for a killer selfie,” she explained. “Instead of an Instagram filter, I like to use an app called VSCOcam.

She also shared her passion about her campaign to combat bullying. “At the moment, I’m really into my #iammorethan social media campaign, “ she said. “I’ve been bullied a lot, so I wanted to find people who have experienced way worse than me and managed to come out the other side, and share their stories.

“They’re a massive inspiration to me and hopefully sharing it on Instagram will inspire other people as well.”

Along with make-up, Kylie is known for experimenting with her hair too – and loves donning a wig. The star says fake manes are a great way to freshen up her appearance in minutes.

“I’ve never been shy about the fact that I wear wigs... I’ve got, like, ten to 15 altogether,” Kylie added. “My favourite one is the plain black one with bangs. When my hair’s been braided or it just doesn’t look good, I’ll wear it for the day, which is just so easy. I love blue tones next to my skin – that’s why I have so many green and turquoise wigs. Sometimes I’ll dye my real hair, like when it was blonde, but it got pretty ruined from the bleach. I wish I’d had it for longer. I miss being blonde all the time!"

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