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Kylie Minogue: Argan oil is brilliant

Kylie Minogue says argan oil is "kind of pungent" but very effective.

The pop songstress relies on a few staple products to maintain her effortless beauty. Kylie has revealed her secret to glowing skin and hair.

"I picked up some argan oil on a recent trip to Morocco. My good friend Christophe Robin told me to get some when I was there. You really shouldn't leave the house with it smothered on your skin and hair because it smells kind of pungent, but it does really work!" she exclaimed in an interview with more! magazine.

"It's in Morroccanoil products too, which I've tried. I have to say the hairspray is great."

Kylie advises women to try a range of different products. The stunning star has revealed her other go-to items.

"On tour in Las Vegas, I got lured into this big mall where I discovered a Fresh cosmetics store. It does a really good Soy Face Cleanser, and the make-up is great too," she revealed. "I also love NuBo Instant Lip Perfection balm."

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