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Kylie Minogue: Be honest with stylists

Kylie Minogue says you have to be honest with hairstylists to avoid disasters.

The pop icon admitted that she has sported some unflattering looks in the past and explained some of them could have been avoided.

The singer has advised people to tell their hairdressers when they're not happy with a cut or colour.

"I used to find it really awkward if someone was doing my hair or make-up and I didn't like it, but I've had loads of beauty disasters, so I've got better about being more assertive now!" she told British magazine Company.

"It's better to just be totally direct and say, 'What on earth have you done? Start again!' That's what my sister would say."

Kylie also revealed she prefers an unfussy style in her leisure time.

The Australian star said she often twists her locks into a chic up-do when she is off-duty.

"If I'm doing my hair myself, I find it's easiest just to put it in a bun, because it's simple and it suits me, I've got it down to a really fast art - I find if you spend too much time on it, it ends up looking worse!" she said.

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