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Kylie Minogue considers going fresh-faced

Kylie Minogue thinks about "the paparazzi situation" before deciding to step out sans make-up.

The Australian songstress is sometimes pictured out and about fresh-faced, which is a nice change from her thick stage make-up.

Kylie loves leaving home without applying cosmetics, but often thinks about how she's going to be pictured beforehand.

"I often go without make-up, but these days it does depend on the paparazzi situation," she explained. "They used to use camera film and weren't so in-your-face, but now it's all high-definition and sometimes you just know it isn't going to be good.

"My secret is a top knot and sunnies."

Kylie says fashionistas should be true to their own style. The stunning star has revealed the ladies she admires for their enduring beauty and ever-evolving fashion.

"When I think of timeless style icons like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, I wonder how they would have coped with the pressures of today's world where every few months there's a different trend," she mused. "Somebody like Sarah Jessica Parker really inspires me. She's a modern fashion icon."

Kylie advises all women to carry three essential products. The beauty loves nothing more than freshening up her look while she's on the go.

"If I was only allowed three things in my make-up bag, they would have to be mascara - I like ModelCo LashXtend - concealer, just for the areas I really need it, and lip gloss, which I always have floating around at the bottom of my bag," she explained in an interview with more! magazine.

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