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Kylie Minogue frets about stage costumes

Kylie Minogue "really frets" about her stage costume changes, likening the process to a "Formula One pit stop".

The pop songstress has discussed the stressful changing process that happens back stage on tour. Despite finding it hectic, Kylie appreciates her array of stunning stage attire.

"About seven or eight," she revealed when asked how many costume changes she has.

"I really fret about them. I'm so freaked out by everything; I just want to get out of the stalls and get going. It's like a Formula One pit stop.

"I have three or four girls helping me with only a few minutes to change. The blue Showgirl costume is probably my favourite but I can't tell you how difficult it was to perform in and even more difficult to sing in. To have that kind of corseted waist doesn't make it easy to breathe and sing and open your diaphragm and your ribs. With the crown you have to walk like you have a book on your head. It impeded me in many ways but it was worth it."

Kylie likes to leave the glamour of her shows on the road, and prefers a more relaxed style at home. The Australian singer has admitted that comfort is key when she comes off stage.

"Ha, good question!" she laughed in an interview with Stylist when asked if she ever wears her stage costumes at home.

"Not quite with the Marigolds on, but I have spent some time wandering around in a Mr Pearl corset to wear it in. At home, the heels come off and the track pants go on. If I had a job where I was in the same uniform every day I would need an outlet for fashion but luckily I get that fix often enough, so home is the place to chill."

Kylie is famed for her porcelain complexion. Although the beauty is proud of her pale skin, she says it has it downsides too - especially when she's standing next to Spanish model boyfriend, Andrés Velencoso.

"For many years now, I've been careful in the sun. Growing up in Australia I was exposed to more than my share and we weren't very sun-safe back then. I give myself a micro-sun tan once in a while but always, always take care," she said.

"When I take a happy snap on my phone camera, my boyfriend and I always look like salt and pepper, or like we've been Photoshopped into the same shots as he's got that gorgeous olive Spanish skin and I am this glow worm next to him."


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