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Kylie Minogue: I don't need facials

Kylie Minogue rarely bothers to have a facial.

The Australian singer has smooth skin and rarely gets blemishes. She puts this down to her dedication to a cleansing and toning routine, rather than to a love of expensive products.

"I'm pretty obsessive about sunblock and, at night, I use a really good moisturiser - I'm using a Nubo night cream at the moment. I can't remember the last time I went to bed without doing my routine but I keep things pretty simple - I hardly ever do face masks or have a facial," she told Company magazine.

Kylie is religious about removing all traces of her stage make-up whenever she has to wear it. It means she relies on key products to scrub all traces of the cosmetics away.

However, in the morning she isn't so bothered.

"First thing in the morning, I splash my face with water to try and wake myself up. I don't actually cleanse in the morning because I do it really thoroughly at night," she explained. "I use Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which is really gentle. I use it with a muslin cloth - it makes me feel extra clean when I've had to wear lots of make-up for work."


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