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Kylie Minogue: My face is falling

Kylie Minogue sometimes feels like she's looking at a "Spielberg special effect" when she sees her face.

The 44-year-old is celebrating 25 years in show business and still looks stunning in tiny outfits on stage.

Despite looking amazing for her age, the Can't Get You Out of My Head singer has days when she doesn't like what she sees in the mirror.

"I'm not going to lie about this. There are lots of times I look in the mirror and I see that gravity has taken hold," she confessed to the British edition of Elle.

"Or I suddenly see my face on a phone or on Skype and it's like a Spielberg special effect and you just scream, 'Who is that?'"

The star is still busy recording new music and recently released album The Abbey Road Sessions.

So far she hasn't had any surgical help towards her looks, but that doesn't mean she would rule it out.

"I am not against surgery, I haven't gone down that route yet and I don't know whether I will but I'm not against it. The only time it isn't amazing is when it's not well done or someone takes it too far," she conceded.

"But I look at someone like Jane Fonda. I'm a super fan of hers. She doesn't apologise [about her surgery] and she shouldn't have to. We put make-up on every day, we tint, pluck, wax, we do anything to make ourselves look as good as we can and I think it's pointless being hypocritical about something that if it's done well can be really good."

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