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Kylie Minogue: Pale skin is beautiful

Kylie Minogue likes being "pale and interesting".

The 43-year-old Australian singer is renowned for her radiant skin. Kylie can attribute her glowing complexion to proper skin maintenance with a particular focus on protection from the sun's damaging UV rays.

The stunning star says tanned skin isn't always best.

"I'm that person who is always covered in sunscreen," Kylie told British newspaper the Daily Mail. "My look has always been pale and interesting and I have just discovered that I am a bit deficient in vitamin D, which we can mostly get from exposing our skin to the sun. [My boyfriend] Andres is always telling me to get a little bit of sun on my body and I did on a recent trip to Ibiza, but not on my face."

Protecting her skin from the sun has also helped keep Kylie looking youthful. Although many would argue that Kylie looks at least a decade younger than her 43 years, the singer is not concerned with ageing.

The maturation process is not a subject she obsesses over.

"I have to just get on with ageing. What can I do?" Kylie explained. "In some ways growing older can be fantastic - in others not so. But it's not even worth pondering it that much because we are lucky to be here and that's it."

Kylie may not be too concerned with ageing, but she definitely makes her hair a priority. The blonde bombshell confesses that she loves colouring her locks.

"I haven't had my natural hair colour since I was 16, but right now I have made it less blonde, and I have to say I am enjoying being darker," Kylie said.

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