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Kylie Minogue: Sleep is a nightmare

Kylie Minogue says sleeping is "a nightmare" for her.

The pop princess revealed that she has trouble winding down and often struggles to fall asleep.

The Australian singer often jets around the world for work engagements and shared a few tips that help her snooze.

"It's a nightmare! I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times and it's even worse when I'm travelling. I find a hot bath with essential oils in it, like lavender and geranium helps," she told British magazine Company. "And try and calm down and stop doing everything - you're got to switch off your computer, TV, phone, and just wind down a bit."

The gorgeous blonde also revealed what a typical day in her diet looks like.

Kylie said she has become "addicted" to Mediterranean fare since she started dating Spanish model Andrés Velencoso.

"I normally have toast in the morning - pain Poilâne, a French kind. I don't really eat white bread. I usually have my toast with some almond or cashew butter - if I had real butter, it would be goat's butter. Then I might have a bit of fruit (a kiwi or some berries), coffee, then another coffee!" she said."For lunch I might have grilled fish with veggies and if Andrés [Velencoso, her boyfriend] is in town, we tend to be a bit Spanish for dinner and have something like a piece of tuna on green salad. I've become addicted to Spanish cuisine now, because most of it's pretty healthy."

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