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Léa Seydoux: Perfume is polite

Léa Seydoux used perfume to help her get into character.

Léa Seydoux views wearing perfume as a sign of politeness when you're in company.

The French actress has always been big on fragrance and has many that she likes to use. What she chooses depends on her mood and what she's up to at any given time, but she can't fathom why some women don't bother with scent at all.

"I often have different scents for the different characters I play," she told Britain's InStyle magazine. "And I love the way that fragrance can be a social thing. It's a way of taking care of yourself and interacting with others around you - it's almost like a sign of politeness. I really like strong perfumes. When I'm feeling a bit retro, I tend to wear ones full of patchouli, because it's such a '70s scent. Perfume is so evocative; my mum has always worn the same one, and whenever I smell it on someone it reminds me of her."

The star enjoys her job, but it does throw up some issues. She understands looking a certain way comes with the territory, especially when she has to attend red carpet events to promote her movies. The issue is she isn't someone who can diet or stick to solely healthy food, so she has to work on her figure.

"I'm a true gourmand," she said. "I really love to eat - especially things like cheese and red wine; I'm French after all. And I also have a passion for beer. When I'm feeling a bit stressed, chocolate is great as well, although I try to keep a good balance. It's difficult, though, as some actresses are so very slim, but for me it's not the case. Sometimes, it can be hard being self-conscious. I do try and exercise as much as possible with my coach - I like to run and I do exercises for my arms and legs - but it's difficult on long days of shooting, so I'm not as regular with my sessions as I should be."

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