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Léa Seydoux's rinsing ritual

Léa Seydoux prefers letting her skin breathe when she's not working, so doesn't wear much make-up.

The 29-year-old actress is pretty relaxed when it comes to her beauty regime, but there are a few rules she abides by. While one of them is pretty standard, the other isn't usual procedure.

"I always remove my make-up before bed. And I take a cold shower after a bath - it's really stimulating and it seems cold showers may even make you live longer," she told British magazine Hello!

Although she always cleans her face in the evening, it isn't usually a big job. That's because when Léa isn't shooting a film, she doesn't cake on cosmetics as she worries about the effect they'll have on her skin.

"During the day I try not to put make-up on, to let my skin breathe. When acting in a role, I have to wear a lot of make-up, so when I'm not working, I need to let my face breathe and be very comfortable. But when I go out, I love to use a BB cream and a lip pencil by Nars," she said.

Fashion is another story though, with the star happy to mix things up more. Her favourite fashion house is Prada because it offers "modern, inventive and fanciful" pieces which are unlike any others.

Léa often features on best-dressed lists and while some actresses get nervous ahead of red carpet appearances, she lives for them.

"I like it because it allows me to change style every time. What I prefer on the red carpet is glamour," she explained.

That extends to her make-up too, with the Spectre actress preferring a bold lip over a smoky eye any day of the week. Léa believes too much eyeshadow makes her peepers look too small, which is why she's never been a fan of the product.

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