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Lady Gaga: Designer Brandon Maxwell is so brave

Lady Gaga loves that her stylist-turned-designer Brandon Maxwell has such a complex mind.

Lady Gaga will always support her stylist's fashion collection because she's attracted to geniuses.

The flamboyant star is good friends with Brandon Maxwell, who presented his debut line at New York Fashion Week in September (15). Gaga was on hand to show her support, explaining she's never been in any doubt that he was destined for fashion greatness.

"I've always know him to be a talent, I'm attracted to people who have interesting minds and bravery within them," she told Britain's Hello! magazine. "Brandon has a fascinating, complicated mind and I feel that I identify with him in many ways. I'm attracted to geniuses."

Although Brandon is the man behind many of Gaga's iconic looks, his collection was more streamlined than many expected. It was full of tailored jackets and flowing evening dresses, with one such item the very first thing Brandon presented the singer with.

"I remember when the first dress he made me arrived," she reminisced. "I was in Belgium and I opened it and it was packaged so beautifully in a box. It was a blue velvet gown with a handmade corset. It had all the accessories, with a matching turban and was made perfectly. When I saw the gown, I just started crying because as I turned it around, I saw 'Brandon Maxwell' on the label in the back."

Items such as the meat dress Gaga donned to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards have led many to presume she likes to shock with her fashion. Over the last year she has toned things down somewhat, and she now insists her style isn't as full-on as some expect. This is backed up by Brandon, who previously explained Gaga was backstage at his Spring/Summer 16 show in the Big Apple sweeping floors and organising lighting.

"Most people think I'm more shocking that I really am," she said. "I think people are starting to see that I just put art at the forefront of everything I do. Wearing my creativity on my sleeve for everyone to enjoy has always been something I've really been obsessed with."

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