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Lady Gaga: I cleaned for my stylist’s show

Lady Gaga went to great lengths to show her support before her stylist Brandon Maxwell’s New York Fashion Week show on Monday.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Lady Gaga went to great lengths to ensure her stylist could “execute his vision” during his New York Fashion Week debut.

Brandon Maxwell is close friends with the flamboyant star, as well as being the man behind many of her outrageous looks. He presented during the biannual event on Monday, wowing with a chic collection full of tailored jackets and flowing evening dresses.

Gaga was on hand to offer her support, both before and during the presentation.

“[I’ve been] cleaning everything up, just making sure he has everything he needs to execute his vision,” she explained to Extra. “He was so prepared and focused, but he also went to the dentist today. He had his teeth cleaned before his show!"

The singer helped put on a rehearsal before the main event, which was held at New York eatery Mr Chow. Brandon has nothing but praise for his friend, who encouraged him to follow his dream and put on a Spring/Summer ‘16 show.

“She’s extremely hands on, she’s in here somewhere with a T-shirt with my name on running around screaming at someone,” he laughed. “She’s here running the show and doing the lighting and music and all the things that she’s a genius at.”

Following the event, Gaga was “kind of speechless” and she found the moment “completely surreal”.

After swelling with pride, she did manage to get it together enough to speak about why she wanted Brandon to create a full line though.

“I can wear them any time, all the time," she explained to InStyle. "They're for the woman who likes to be dressed well and who likes to enjoy things that are made well, and these clothes are made perfectly, down to every inch of your body. You don’t have to worry when you zip it up that it won’t hug you in just the right way because he’s already decided the shape, and when you put it on, you become a part of that dress."

Gaga was true to her word, wearing a plunging jacket by her friend to his show.

She also expressed her delight on Twitter, captioning an image of her and Brandon together at the event: “All I want to do is have fun and serve my friends as they make their art.”

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