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Lady Gaga: I dress like a geisha

Lady Gaga loves it when her friends dress her up "like a geisha".

The pop star has explained how much she enjoys the whole process of getting ready.

Gaga likes nothing more than being pampered by her entourage who are always happy to indulge her.

"I love it when my friends get me ready, like a geisha. We all gather together and have champagne and a smoke and put on crowns and tell each other how much we love each other," she told the British edition of Marie Claire magazine. "Nanny Poppins, my nanny, also helps me by running a warm bath and scrubbing my skin so I can be the best for my fans."

Gaga revealed the inspiration behind her elaborate on stage ensembles and unconventional off-duty clothing choices. The over-the-top performer partly wears what she wants to encourage others to do the same and partly because she doesn't care about following style rules.

"I want to inspire people to wear that outfit at the back of their closet that they're keeping for a special occasion," Gaga explained. "It's like the McQueen wedding dress I bought from Daphne Guinness, which I was going to save to get married in, but then I wore it when I played to 60,000 fans in Twickenham and I was like, 'F**k it, this is way better than getting married.'"

Gaga breaks the rules with her beauty routine as well as with her style. The Bad Romance singer has launched her own fragrance Fame, which she wears in her typically extravagant way.

"It's not something you have to be shy with - I like to bathe in it," Gaga said. "Fragrance makes me feel desirable and I prefer more luscious, sl***y scents. I actually decided on this perfume because it won over a man and he was a good catch."

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