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Lady Gaga: I'm not a clothes hanger

Lady Gaga insists she's not just a clothes "hanger" for emerging designers.

The fashion-forward songstress is regularly seen donning a range of labels, from established designers to new talent.

While Gaga is happy to promote young clothes makers, she doesn't want to be taken advantage of.

"I like to wear young designers and give them a commercial platform, but I'm not just a hanger," she explained in an interview with the UK edition of Elle magazine.

Gaga is considered a style icon, and regularly wows in her outlandish attire. However, the star says her unique fashion sense wasn't always celebrated.

"I was bullied at school. I was called Rabbit Teeth and Big Nose and D**e. I would stay up all night studying Latin and blow-drying my hair and I would do a full face of make-up before I went to bed so I could wake up and go straight to school," she said.

"I was so dressed-up for class and it was an all-girls school, so some of the students thought it was a bit ridiculous, I suppose. Maybe my creativity came off a bit strange."

Gaga posed in a range of outfits for her photoshoot with the magazine. The star was asked to wear black after posing in coral and green outfits.

"These are great, great photographs. I love the story we told. It's very painterly, isn't it? We did the spring colours. But black would break up the story," she said.

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