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Lady Gaga on sexy scent

Lady Gaga says her perfume Fame reminds her of the "smell of sex".

The singer has revealed what she thinks about when she sniffs her debut scent. The 26-year-old explained that lovemaking and junk food are the first things that spring to her mind.

"Fame reminds me of the smell of sex," she explained to Italian Vanity Fair magazine. "Or more precisely the smell when you have just finished having sex and you are eating pizza, lying in bed."

The singer continued to explain how the black coloured perfume makes her feel. She hopes the intimacy she thinks the fragrance conveys rubs off on other people who wear Fame.

"This perfume makes me feel desirable. This is the smell I like to leave on men," Gaga continued.

"I'd like that people feel the same sensation they do when they are being intimate as they do when they wear Fame. After all we smell each other constantly, don't we?"

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