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Lady Gaga remained loyal to catsuit

Lady Gaga once clashed with her music label when she insisted on wearing a "recognisable" catsuit.

The eccentric songstress is well known for her outlandish garb, but insists not everyone appreciated her unique dress sense at first.

Gaga created a head-turning catsuit for her performance at a music conference in Los Angeles in 2008.

However, she revealed her record label were unimpressed with her image.

"I had no money; I put everything I had into this one outfit. And the label called and said, 'She has to change her clothes. She always wears the same thing.' And I said, 'Don't you want people to recognise me? And remember me?" she mused in an interview with the January issue of UK magazine Elle.

"I'll be the girl with the very heavy bangs and platinum blonde wig and the black suit with the big shoulders and the stick in her hand.' People remembered it."

Gaga loves having an innovative and unique take on music. The 25-year-old finds it exhilarating when people question her dress sense and behaviour.

"I always like my work to, like, just edge on humour. Not funny, but you're about to laugh. But you don't. We know it's right when everybody goes 'Why?' When the big question marks hover over the outfit or the song," she said.

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