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Lady Gaga: Workouts should hurt

Lady Gaga's motto is "no pain, no fear" when it comes to working out.

The American songstress took to Twitter to update fans on her exercise regime ahead of her The Born This Way Ball concert series. Gaga is currently rehearsing for the upcoming tour, but has admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the intense training regime.

Despite her fatigue, the svelte star is pressing on with her workouts.

"Hot yoga time, post rehearsal. Though my ass is kicked from dancing may I succumb to the heat and focus on conditioning. No pain, no fear (sic)," she wrote on her personal Twitter page this morning.

Earlier this month, the 25-year-old star revealed her demanding rehearsal schedule had affected her glamorous look.

"Love getting my ass kicked in rehearsal. Everything hurts and I love it. Broke every nail and tangled every hair this week. Bad to the Bone (sic)," she wrote.

Gaga took to the social networking site earlier this week to muse about her current style loves. The ever-eccentric singer asked for her fans' opinions on some fake diamond earrings.

"Miss you monsters. About 1 month until tour. Whatdya think of these fake baubles? #DirtCheapPlasticLooksFantastic (sic)," she tweeted.


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