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Lady Gaga's weight loss 'worrying'

Lady Gaga has reportedly lost a lot of weight due to stress.

This is said to have been caused by her concerns about her relationship with Taylor Kinney, who was seen getting friendly with actress Cameron Diaz on the set of The Other Woman recently.

The iconic singer has dropped a reported 14lbs in six weeks and is now said to be a UK size 6-8.

"Gaga's under a lot of pressure," a source told UK magazine Closer. "She wants to be slim for her comeback, but she's struggling to eat proper meals as she's so worried about Taylor."

Gaga now allegedly weighs less than 100lbs, which has sparked concern from her family and friends.

She is said to have turned away from food as she recovers from hip surgery she recently underwent.

"She's completely miserable. She thinks her two-year relationship with Taylor is hanging by a thread after they decided to stop living together six weeks ago. No she's at her mum's she's barely eating - she only has small portions of soup and pasta," the insider added.

Lady Gaga was seen sporting a brand new black hairdo at the 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit in New York recently. While artists were encouraged to try out new performance ideas, Gaga shocked viewers there by drinking blood.

Gaga's minimal eating regime comes from stress about the relationship, and the source divulged, "She's hoping she can sort things out with Taylor after a number of rows with him not making enough time for her, but she's worried they may not be right for each other."

On top of this, Gaga is due to release her next album, ARTPOP, this fall and is said to be anxious about its reception with audiences.

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