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Lake Bell hot for Sam Shepard's hair

Lake Bell thinks her husband Scott Campbell can get away with very little grooming, as he's covered in tattoos.

The actress admires manliness in the opposite sex, something which her tattoo artist husband Scott Campbell oozes.

Actor Sam, 71, had to pose for mug shots earlier this week for a suspected DUI, but Lake was concentrating on the Oscar nominee's hair

"I like a man's man. Someone like Sam Shepard in [1983's] The Right Stuff. How does he even get his hair like that? He must use a pot of 'I don't give a f**k' or something," she laughed to British Esquire.

As well as acting, Lake is an accomplished writer and director. The 2013 film In a World... was written and directed by her, and she also takes on the lead role.

Away from the camera and red-carpet events, the 36-year-old likes her man to rock a laidback look.

"I like men to have a look of effortlessness. My husband doesn’t do anything – he needs a comb and water. That's it. He’s covered in tattoos so that's allowed," she smiled.

Similarly she's not bothered about muscles. Despite her penchant for a man's man, having a lean body isn't high on her wish list.

"If you want to go to the gym, go to the gym. Do what you want to do – I’m not going to control your life," Lake said.

As for her own body, Lake looks amazing after giving birth to her first child, daughter Nova, last year.

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