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Lake Bell’s pregnancy style plan

Lake Bell hopes to feel elegant in the spotlight while she is with child.

The 35-year-old actress is currently expecting her first child with husband Scott Campbell, who she tied the knot with in 2013. She is in the midst of promoting her latest film, Disney's Million Dollar Arm, and while she knows she has to take to the red carpet, she isn't looking forward to the dressing up.

"It's less enjoyable right now. I'm seven months pregnant and my style sense is a little off! At the moment, I'm just aiming to keep my sanity and continue to feel as chic as one can," she laughed to

"I have to straddle a line of being tasteful and looking good; I need a shape that looks elegant and is supportive without being too hot: it's a daily negotiation!"

It isn't just star-studded events Lake feels she has to focus on her appearance for. As part of endorsing the movie, the brunette beauty is required to jet around the globe, and she wants to make sure she looks the part when stepping off the plane.

"There has been quite a bit of travel and I feel I always need to look nice for a flight - that was instilled in me early, much as I want to just be comfortable - so my outfit choices have really had to get innovative," she added.

Million Dollar Arm follows the true story of a sports agent (played by Jon Hamm) who comes up with an unconventional way to recruit new baseball players. She may be slightly clueless about the area, but that didn't stop her from getting stuck in.

"I've got nothing against sports, I just don't know anything about them, but I do love sports films," she gushed. "I love that they are so black and white - that really appeals to me..."

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