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Lana Del Rey: I have my own style

Lana Del Rey insists her look hasn’t been influenced by any female style icons from the past.

The American singer is known for her strong look and the trademark beehive hairdo she sported at the start of her career.

Lana insists there wasn't any one particular iconic figure that influenced her image.

"Looks-wise? Well, vibe-wise. The funny thing is that my style is something that no one ever asked me about until a couple of years ago," she told Electronic Beats magazine. "For years it was all music driven. I really loved Nina Simone; Kurt Cobain was my driving influence; I listen to everything Bob Dylan did... But in terms of actual style icons, female icons? No. I was impressed with what someone like Karl Lagerfeld built and did and the house that he made, but there was never really a female figure I wanted to emulate."

Lana agrees that her look isn't one normally associated with fashion house frontman Karl. She wears things for comfort, but does enjoy experimenting with cosmetics.

"Yeah, I know," she agreed. "But a lot of the reason my look is the way it is, is because it’s really easy to put on a sundress every night if I have to perform - or just wear jeans every day and a flannel or something. Stylistically, I love make-up. I love doing my own make-up and stuff, but clothes-wise, I actually didn’t ever really care. Initially the fashion world was more interested in me than the music world, which was strange when I first started singing."

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