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Laura Carmichael: I’m no gym bunny

Laura Carmichael and Michelle Dockery have discussed how they look the part for Downton Abbey.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Laura Carmichael wishes she could blame her lack of exercise on Downton Abbey.

The 29-year-old actress has played Lady Edith Crawley in the period drama since it first hit TV screens in 2010. Now it's gearing up to its final sixth series set to air this winter, Laura can't use the excuse that bosses won't let them exercise anymore.

"It's true about [not being able to wear] the [fake] tan because the ladies in particular wouldn't have been outside that much. As for working out - yes, that's exactly the reason I don't work out!" she laughed to British magazine Closer when quizzed on whether they were banned from hitting the gym. "If only. I think if any of us had gone bananas [with exercise], they'd of stopped us."

Michelle Dockery, who plays Edith's sister Mary, explained that none of the cast are gym bunnies though so that wasn't the case.

As well as the costumes being an area of envy for fans, the chic hairstyles from the early 20th century are also popular. For Michelle there was a change in look for her alter ego, which she found saved time when it came to character prep.

"I had my own hair on Downton for four years, but then Mary got a bob so I wore a wig," she explained. "It's nice having your own hair, but you're twice as long in hair and make-up."

The two women are feeling emotional as the end gets closer. Having spent so many days together filming, Michelle and Laura are in no doubt that they'll remain the best of friends once it finishes and are already planning a holiday.

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