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Lauren Conrad loved ‘crazy’ sunglasses

Lauren Conrad jokes she hopes novelty shades come back into fashion one day.

The style icon named wacky eyewear as the item from her childhood wardrobe she wishes she could wear now.

Lauren hopes that novelty sunglasses become stylish in the future so she can sport the shades again.

"My sunglasses that I used to wear. I wouldn’t just wear normal sunglasses, they had to be like stars or hearts or just crazy shapes. But when I look back at photos, I’m like, 'Those are crazy glasses!' And my mom is like, 'You insisted on it. That was not me, that was you!'" Lauren laughed to the Huffington Post. "Hearts with the little Lolita? Yeah, definitely [they could become trendy]."

The former reality TV star has made a success out of her fashion line, beauty and style website, as well as design collaborations with US chain store Kohl’s.

Lauren says her biggest vice is internet clothes shopping, which she admits she goes overboard with.

"Online shopping," Lauren replied to what her guilty pleasure is. "My biggest problem is that when I wake up and I have my emails from Gilt and all the kind of sales I've visited, then that’s when I end up with all the boxes on my doorstep."

Lauren admitted her must-have summer item is something quite sensible. She says a good quality SPF is the one thing she predicts will never go out of fashion.

"It’s probably sunscreen," she admitted. "I know that’s kind of boring, but I am big on sunscreen."

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