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Lauren Conrad: My hair takes hours

Lauren Conrad has revealed her hair takes "seven hours" to style.

The self-confessed beauty addict loves going to the salon.

She explained how trips to visit her stylist often turn into mammoth girly pampering sessions because of her hair extensions.

"My hair takes seven hours, so sometimes we'll order take out and drink champagne," Lauren laughed to StyleCaster News. "We also like to fool around a bit, so it probably takes a lot longer than it should!"

The former MTV star has managed to make a success of launching her own style and beauty empire since she left reality television behind.

Lauren has a beauty book, a website, a fictional book series and two successful clothing lines Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's under her belt.

The 26-year-old explained the inspiration for the name of her fashion line Paper Crown.

"We thought of a lot of different names. We wanted something a little bit feminine, a little bit whimsical but not too young. I was talking about when I was younger and the idea of 'dress up' and how much fun it was," Lauren explained. "When I used to go to my grandma's house, I would put on dress up clothes. We had construction paper there, and we would make crowns. I love the idea of creating your own glamour out of something that was pretty simple, so it made sense for the name."

Lauren revealed more about where her design ideas come from. She says she has inherited her impeccable sense of style from her mother.

"My mom was a great bargain hunter, which I love because it kind of taught me how to dress high and low. I love wearing designer pieces with something I found at Target," Lauren gushed. "But I recently splurged on a Goyard leather carry on. You don't have to check it, and you can wear it at the airport with a T-shirt and jeans and it still looks great because it pulls the whole outfit together!"

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