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Lauren Conrad recalls eyeshadow error

Lauren Conrad used to match her eye shadow to her top.

The former reality TV star has brought out a book called Lauren Conrad Beauty, which gives tips on applying cosmetics and styling hair.

Although the 26-year-old always looks polished these days, when she first developed an interest in make-up things were different. Her first foray into the beauty world was a palette containing many eyeshadows and two foundations.

"Because [they thought] you're either black or white. Do you know what I mean? It's either really dark or you're a mime," she laughed to Allure. "I always had a really white face, and I would match my eye shadow to my top every day, because I'd have, like, 50 colours to choose from."

Lauren doesn't put too much emphasis on good looks, insisting the most beautiful people are those who are happy and don't realise they radiate attractiveness.

She's also not into being sexy, reliving an embarrassing time when she decided to give burlesque a go.

"I was terrible! I had a fedora, gloves that I would remove, and a boa. I thought it would raise my confidence, but it sort of destroyed it," she laughed.

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