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Lauren Hutton: I look like Barbie

Lauren Hutton says its “pretty funny” to see old images of herself that have been retouched.

The 69-year-old actress has had famous snaps of her touched up by Photoshop, including the classic shot of her in a World War II hat.

The image, taken by Richard Avedon, is a head and shoulders shot of with Lauren wearing a simple white shirt accessorised with the green army hat.

"I saw that picture recently and it has been retouched now and painted and plasticised so much that I almost look like a Barbie doll," she told Interview magazine.

"My skin looks like it's made out of Naugahyde [vinyl] ... That's what I see in various things on the internet. You'll see that picture and it's been plasticised. It's pretty funny, some young guy who's just out of art school who has painted it up."

The free spirited actress originally started out as a waitress in the Playboy club before entering the world of modelling in the 1960s.

Famous for her penchant of jeans and sneakers, she was also a fan of riding her motorcycle.

She moved from South Carolina to study in Florida, and then finally to New York where her career was launched. Her understanding of fashion took a little longer to develop though.

"It took quite a while to grow into a personal style. I certainly didn't have one. When I first came to New York, I was wearing my favourite outfit, which was a pair of aqua terry cloth shorts that I had made. Terry cloth! I mean, it's a towelling material," she laughed.

"And I had a V-neck, maroon, men's mohair sweater that I then thought was the peak of chic. I would mate those two things and that was my main look."

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