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Laverne Cox: Curvy chat moved me

Laverne Cox hopes people know that not all transgender people want to medically transition.

The two star opposite each other in Orange Is the New Black, which has also propelled actresses Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba to global fame.

Laverne has become one of the most high-profile transgender celebrities in the industry, and her campaigning for LGBT has seen her hailed as a role model. It's not a term she particularly likes, and the 31-year-old also points out there are other women on the show doing great work.

"That's what our audiences are responding to," Laverne told Gay Times, when asked about people going to watch movies to see themselves and not the main star. "They're seeing people who look like them and who have similar experiences to them. When we were on a panel a few weeks ago Danielle Brooks [who plays Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson] spoke so eloquently about being a dark-skinned, curvy girl and how there was no one like her on television. She was so moved to be that person for other dark-skinned, curvy girls and it was so moving to hear her say that."

While Laverne may shrug off her icon status, she's been more than happy to comment on Caitlyn Jenner's recent transition to become a woman.

However, she points out that the public shouldn't tar every trans person with the same brush, and be aware that the journey varies from person to person.

"Far too often transgender health care has been framed as cosmetic and it really isn't - it's medically necessary. It's something everyone should be entitled to if they want it but it's also important to note that not all transgender people want to medically transition. Everyone's narrative is different but it's about access," she highlighted.

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