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Laverne Cox: Embrace your appearance

Laverne Cox might look good in a waist cincher but isn’t sure it’s worth the discomfort.

The transgender actress plays Sophia Burset on hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black and was nominated for an Emmy this year.

She’s also been a TV host for TRANSform Me on VH1, a reality series that helps other transgender women change their lives.

The star is keen for everyone to realise that life is more than just the body they have.

“It’s about all of you. It’s about owning your body but it’s about owning all of it. Our bodies matter, but we’re more than our bodies,” she told

“To be really real – oftentimes lately I’ve been on the red carpet or I’ve been on a TV appearance and a waist cincher and looking great but really uncomfortable!”

Laverne, 30, has built up a huge fan following and is just as popular with magazines. She appeared on the cover of TIME’s June issue and explained what it was like to see herself grace the front of the publication.

“It was a huge moment for my community. It was really about people who have worked for decades, and a major validation of our lives. It shows that our voices do matter,” she smiled.

“So much of the trans narrative – certainly when I transitioned, and maybe until recently – was about disappearing and blending in, because that is what one had to do to survive. Being visible as a trans person is often putting a target on your back. So I hope this is a moment for trans people, that I can be visible and live my dreams.”

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