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Laverne Cox's baby shampoo beauty secret

Laverne Cox has given away one of her top beauty secrets.

The 31-year-old actress is currently readying for the return of her hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, which is back for its third season on Friday.

Although it's set in a women's prison, Laverne's character Sophia manages to look glamorous at all times. In real life Laverne lives that way too, and she's given up one of her biggest beauty secrets.

"I just try to keep everything very simple. I just moisturise and I try to wash my face with baby shampoo. A drag artist called Kevin Aviance suggested that. So I started doing that. But I try to keep it simple, I moisturise and take my make-up off every night and use wipes to get my mascara off," she told Cover Media exclusively.

However, it's not just what Laverne puts on the outside which is important to her. She's become more and more interested in the effect diet has on overall health, revealing that since she switched things up a little she's seen a drastic change in her skin.

"Lately I also really try to eat better. I haven't been eating sugar and carbs in the past few months and it really makes a difference in terms of skin," she explained. "And in terms of everything we put in our bodies, I'm trying to be healthier.

"I love make-up and glamour. I'm just show business, I've been glamorous before, I've always been a performer. I like the glamour part of it. I love all that, it's fun."

Laverne is transgender and has been open about what she's been through during her life. Last week she penned an emotional Tumblr entry after Caitlyn Jenner revealed her new self on the front of Vanity Fair magazine, praising her for being so strong.

She plans to remain as outspoken as ever, but admits there is a certain amount of pressure which comes with that.

"Oh, am I an icon really?" she laughed. "Yes, I do feel pressure, absolutely. Just as I formulated my thoughts about Caitlyn I felt under pressure to be really thoughtful and to encourage people to think critically about that moment and the work that I do and the world around them, so I feel a huge responsibility and a lot of pressure. But I have a lot of privileges, I've been very blessed and responsibilities come with that and I don't take it lightly. But I also try to buy my light moments."

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