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LC's dreamy Cinderella line

Lauren Conrad was adamant her Cinderella clothing line wouldn't be "too girly".

The former reality TV star released the range as part of her LC Lauren Conrad Kohl's line, timed around the upcoming live action film starring Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter.

It was a no-brainer for Lauren as she's a massive Disney fan anyway, but the tricky part was ensuring she didn't take things too literally.

"I wanted the collection to be dreamy, feminine and pretty. The pieces are fun but also are styles that any woman can feel confident wearing. It was important to me to make sure the designs are wearable and versatile for all women," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

That meant she was careful not to get "overly girly". What transpired was skirts made of delicate tulle and shirts which had pictures of glass slippers added to them. It's these touches that the 29-year-old is particularly proud of, as she'd have hated for anything to be too obvious.

"We didn’t go literal with the designs but were inspired by colours, scenes and tones of the movie. The film opens with a really sweet little town, so we took that still and printed it on a tulle skirt," she explained. "There is also a scene where leaves are falling, so we used them to create a pattern. We have the glass slipper in sequins on an open-knit sweater. We focused on iconic moments throughout the movie."

This is the first of many Disney collaborations Lauren is working on, although she is keeping the rest under her hat for now.

The movie was the perfect option for the number one slot as it was Lauren's favourite growing up, and she likes the message it sends out.

"In the film there are so many powerful lessons about making good choices, remaining kind, thoughtful and optimistic, being industrious, taking risks and working hard," she said.

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