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Lea Michele: 'I dictate my own style'

Lea Michele keeps things simple with her style, only choosing to be risky for photoshoots.

Lea Michele has set a New Year's resolution not to worry about what others think of her appearance.

The Glee actress always impresses with her choice of outfits and fully embraces the fashion perks of her job. While being in the spotlight could make Lea feel insecure about the way she looks, the brunette beauty has vowed to stay true to herself and not let the impact of her fame play a part in picking ensembles.

"I definitely love fashion, and being in this industry you get to have fun with clothes while getting dressed up for events," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "There can also definitely be that stress to always look good every day and be so 'put together.' It’s important to dress for yourself. I had seven months in New Orleans where I wore workout clothes every single day. I made a resolution to have my nice little street style each day and have it work for me and not feel like I have to fit anyone else’s expectations."

Asked how she'd achieve that, Lea explained she dresses for comfort and always keeps things simple. She favours minimal accessorising, opting for a good pair of shoes to stand out, and doesn't feel the need to go over the top when going about her day-to-day business

"Simple is what works for me," she noted. "There’s a lot of pressure to take so many risks, but that’s not really me. I like to take risks on the red carpet when I’m doing photo shoots, but in my day-to-day life, I kind of have my little thing going for me."

With this relaxed and determined mantra, Lea is the perfect candidate to front the #ActuallySheCan campaign, which encourages women to achieve their goals in all areas of life, from their health to their career. Looking back on 2015, the star is pleased by how much good has come out of the last 12 months.

"Whether it’s this campaign or posting pictures on Instagram of me working out or my book, I really feel like I’ve tried to do as much as I can to live a positive life," she smiled.

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