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LeAnn Rimes: I eat everything

LeAnn Rimes does not "deprive" herself of any foods to keep trim.

The 29-year-old singer loves keeping her body in shape. Diets do not work for Leann however. She prefers to eat her favourite foods whenever she wants.

"There's nothing I deprive myself of, not even sugar," LeAnn told Star magazine.

"I eat everything I want in moderation."

LeAnn does not fret too much over gaining or losing weight from time to time. The star realises that her body constantly changes with age.

"I understand the public is used to seeing me with baby fat, but you have got to understand that I'm not a baby anymore," LeAnn explained.

"Everyone has seen my every five- or 10lb weight loss or gain since I was 13. Now I've grown into a woman, and my body has just naturally changed."

Although LeAnn eats whatever she pleases, the songstress does adhere to a strict exercise regimen. She partakes in Pilates, dancing or circuit training six days a week.

LeAnn is happy with the results of her efforts.

"I'm the happiest I've been," LeAnn gushed. "I'm healthy and taking great care of my body again."

LeAnn prefers variety with workouts. She tries to fit in physical training whenever possible.

"I also love boxing to get rid of stress and tone my entire body. But lately, I mainly work out when I can," LeAnn explained. "

"Mostly that's consisted of walking miles through airports and performing high-energy 90-minute shows every night while on tour!"

LeAnn is content with her figure. If her body transforms in the future, she will welcome the changes.

"My body will continually change with stress, contentment or whether I'm busy or not. Hopefully also one day when I'm pregnant!" she said.

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