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LeAnn Rimes recalls dramatic weight loss

Music star LeAnn Rimes found being hit with rumours of an eating disorder tough when she lost a lot of weight.

Singer LeAnn Rimes was shocked to see how thin she had become when suffering from acute stress.

The 33-year-old musician's figure came under fire in 2012, when she was photographed looking extremely frail and she subsequently entered rehab voluntarily to overcome extreme anxiety. During this time LeAnn had to deny rumours she was suffering an eating disorder and looking back, the blonde beauty admits she was wasn't fully aware of her drastic appearance.

"I didn't realise how thin I was, but it was just stress - I could eat my husband under the table!" she told Britain's Closer magazine. "I was constantly shoving in food, but I didn't put on weight. I don't know what I went down to as I don't weigh myself - I was very thin though. My body readjusted as I got mentally better. It's amazing what the mind can do."

LeAnn married actor Eddie Cibrian in 2011, with the couple's romance beginning while they were both still married to their former spouses. This is thought to have added to the singer's stress and LeAnn insists she had to enter rehab to regain control over her life.

"When I went into therapy, people thought I had an eating disorder or I was on drugs," she recalled. "Overwhelming anxiety and depression aren't good enough reasons for some people, but they're real and it can be a very dark place to be."

Luckily LeAnn is back on track now and boasts a healthy body. Her eating habits play a part in this and while many ban certain foods from their diet, she'd rather have a healthy balance of everything. Her rigorous exercise regime helps even out the occasional treat.

"I do a lot of circuit training as well as boxing, Pilates and yoga," she listed. "My husband is really into SoulCycle, so I'll go to the gym with him in Malibu sometimes, too."

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