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Lena Dunham has fun with wigs

Lena Dunham has posted photos of her posing in a variety of wigs.

The actress is currently shooting the third season of US TV show Girls, where her character Hannah usually sports a short, messy hairstyle. It appears Lena has decided to try some different looks and posted the results in a series of photos on her Instagram account. Clearly, she liked some styles better than others.

In one image, Lena looks downcast as she poses in a long, light brown wig with a side fringe. "It's 1973 and this aspiring backup singer is looking for love in all the wrong places," she wrote in a caption to accompany the picture.

Lena then moved on to another decade, this time choosing the '80s. She posted a black-and -white shot of her with layered jet-black locks. Again, Lena created another scenario to match the look.

"It's 1984 and this club promoter (Ronnie) had to move back in with his ma," she wrote.

The 27-year-old actress looked much happier in another shot, where she posed with a honey-coloured light bob with long fringe. "It's 2006 and this office manager is ENGAGED (to her cousin)," she captioned the picture.

Lena's hair makeover could have been triggered by her recent change in wardrobe on the set of Girls. Earlier this month, the actress was seen shooting scenes for the show and was looking much smarter. Her character's usually curly locks were straight and kept tidy with a gold flower hairclip. She was wearing a smart patterned blouse and cobalt blue trousers, with accessories including a chic brown leather satchel.

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