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Lena Dunham: Solange is so stylish

Lena Dunham is in awe of Solange Knowles for her voice and effortless style.

The Girls creator says the upcoming music material from Beyoncé’s little sister is one of the things she is looking forward to most in 2013.

Lena admires Solange for being effortlessly cool and retro, and for confidently pulling off her striking, bright and patterned clothing ensembles.

"Solange Knowles EP [is what I'm looking forward to about spring]," Lena told the British edition of Vogue magazine. "I love her voice, her look. She makes being Beyoncé’s little sister look like the world's least stressful job. She dances like the queen of grade school in 1977."

Previously the comedienne took to Twitter to praise Solange's new EP.

"If you haven't listened to @solangeknowles new EP then you're missing a whole world of pure emotion, style, moving and being moved #true (sic)," Lena gushed.

Lena also revealed which movies she'll be watching in the upcoming months. She mentioned stylish black and white film Frances HA, which was co-written and stars Greta Gerwig, as one of her hotly-tipped favourites, along with the very different movie Spring Breakers.

"[Frances HA] I'm eagerly anticipating this film, a stripped-down Greta Gerwig/ Noah Baumbach collaboration about being young and yearning in NYC (my favourite topic)," Lena explained.

"[Spring Breakers] Teeny-boppers being held hostage by James Franco in a Harmony Korine movie. (Who could look away.)"

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