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Lena Dunham's belly drama

Lena Dunham didn't want people to laugh at her body so made jokes at her own expense.

The award-winning actress has won widespread acclaim for her portrayal of Hannah Horvath in hit TV shows Girls, which she also created.

She's also become synonymous with her honest view on body image, and has been vocal about not fitting into the Hollywood norm of stick-thin celebrities.

"I remember getting in trouble in a high school play - this is so gross - for playing with my belly fat. My teacher was like, 'You really hammed it up on stage, you took attention away from Sonia's play and this shows a VERY strange relationship with your own body...'" Lena recalled to British magazine Grazia.

"Part of me was going, 'I'd like everyone to laugh at me on stage right now!' But also, part of it was I didn't want other people to have the first laugh."

In Girls, Lena often gets naked and isn't scared to show off her curves.

While some have criticised her constant nudity, others have praised her refreshingly honest approach to the female body and also sex scenes. Lena, 28, explains her logic behind such sequences.

"I think that what I thought was, one, I get depressed with the sex scenes that we see, which are glossy bodies with the negligee, having unrealistic sex... But also, when I became a teenager, I grew up in New York and it was really image focused. My high school was rife with eating disorders. Our idea of a fat girl, at high school, was me," she admitted.

"That experience, of suddenly entering ninth grade and putting on 35lbs... I went from being a skinny kid to a chubby teenager, so I started thinking about ways to reclaim my body."

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