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Lena Dunham's 'funny' hair

Girls hairstylist Sherry Heart has revealed the inspiration behind the cast's unique 'dos.

The 27-year-old actress plays Hannah Horvath in the hit TV show - which she also created - alongside Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet.

Hair expert Sherry Heart tends to the girls’ locks before they step in front of the camera.

To give Lena’s character authenticity, Sherry created an awkward style to reflect Hannah as a person.

“I wanted to give her something kind of funny in her hairdo,” Sherry told People. “Her characters has a short haircut and doesn’t really know what to do with it, so the messy flips at the end give it that just-ran-you-fingers-through feel. I find myself doing those little things just to match the personality.”

Sherry also enjoys creating unique styles for Zosia’s onscreen alter ego Shoshanna Shapiro. Sherry is inspired by Shoshanna's bubbly nature when choosing different looks.

“She’s definitely the quirky one of the bunch. She’s animated in her speech as well as her clothes, and we try to do her hair to complement that. It’s her complete and total personality,” Sherry explained.

“She’s a girl who’s really original, but not trying to be original. She thinks she has her style all together. She’s really fun to watch and very fun to make up.”

As for Jemima’s character Jessa, Sherry decided to incorporate the actress’ own hair habits into her onscreen appearance. The expert does, however, insist on cutting Jemima’s tresses before filming.

“I think [Jemima] pretty much gets it trimmed once or twice a year and I know one of those times is by me - the cut I give her at the beginning of each season,” Sherry added.

“I like frayed ends and she does too. It gives it that more boho feel. She had a baby after the second season, and she came in the third season and her hair started doing this new twisting thing almost like dreadlocks, but it was like these nice coils of hair. It was so cool.”

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