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Lena Dunham's 'new diet'

Lena Dunham has reportedly adopted a healthy diet and exercise regime.

It's been claimed that the 27-year-old Girls star has made some changes to her diet of late, resulting in her dropping a dress size.

She is known for her voluptuous figure and has no plans to radically change her shape, but apparently has asked her co-star Allison Williams for tips on staying healthy.

"Allison suggested she swap potato chips for kale chips, and it did not go well the first time they made them. Lena was all, 'What the f**k is this? Are you trying to poison me?'" an insider laughed to British magazine Heat. "But after giving kale a chance, Lena has been drinking green smoothies and adding something green to every meal. She's also trying to limit carbs, but gets to cheat at weekends. Her approach to dieting is that it has to be totally attainable. She's never starve herself."

The star has also stopped eating so much red meat, apparently choosing turkey instead. She's upped her exercise regime as well and does three cardio sessions a week, plus she's switched many of her cups of coffee for green tea.

Lena has apparently seen a good improvement in her skin since she gave her regime an overhaul, although some of her pals have warned her not to change for the industry.

"[Designer Zac Posen] reminds her she is perfect and that beauty comes in every size," the source explained. "But when people tell Lena that, she jokes, 'Go tell it to Karl Lagerfeld!'"

The Chanel designer has been famously outspoken about larger women in the past, claiming Adele is "a little too fat" and that women only want to see slim models on the runway.

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