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Lenny Kravitz: I calmed Cinna's style

Lenny Kravitz wanted to go "right down the middle" when considering how to present the style of his The Hunger Games character.

The singer-songwriter stars as stylist Cinna in the box office hit. Lenny's character is much more understated than the typically flamboyant types in the Capitol, where the film is set.

Lenny - who sports gold eyeliner in the film - says the decision was a conscious one.

"I talked about the gold, but I wasn't sure how outrageous he was, or could be. A lot of kids who read the book, when they thought I was playing Cinna said, 'Oh, you're playing the gay guy. The really flamboyant guy.' People don't really know - like, what is he? I guess they also assume because he's a stylist and he's got gold eyeliner," he explained in an interview with Collider.

"But what I thought was interesting was let's make him right down the middle."

Lenny looked to more "classic" designers when garnering inspiration for the role. The 47-year-old star wanted his look to be more laidback than the typically showy dress sense associated with big-shot stylists.

"You don't know what [Cinna] is. It doesn't matter. Let's pull him back. Gary [Ross] and I spoke and we were like, 'Let's pull him back,'" he said.

"And I was like, 'Yeah, I see him more as a Tom Ford or an Yves Saint Laurent.' Great designers, they dress classic. That was my inspiration."


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