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Lenny Kravitz loses feather boas to daughter

Lenny Kravitz was bummed when Sir Mick Jagger told him his daughter had his old stage costumes.

The US rocker has been in music since the 80s and has seen his style continually evolve over the last three decades.

The 51-year-old has never been shy about his wardrobe choices, donning everything from feather accessories to studded denim. Lenny now works a more rocky aesthetic, consisting of leather jackets and tight pants, but has kept hold of his wackier looks.

"I look back at some of those pictures and I'm like, 'Wow, that was really crazy.' I would try anything: furs, boas, platform boots. It's funny how you never think you're going to change. I met Mick Jagger at the beginning of my career and asked him, 'Where's that outfit with the omega on it? Where's that cape?' He said, 'I don't know. I think my daughter has it in her closet.' I was so bummed," Lenny recalled to Details magazine.

"But now my daughter, Zoë, has a lot of my stuff. She took all my boas from the Mama Said era. They were in storage, and I yelled at her, 'Don't steal my boas!' She laughed and said, 'Those words would not come out of most fathers' mouths.'"

Zoë has become a star in her own right, stepping out of Lenny's shadow with a music and movie career.

One of the 26-year-old's biggest films to date is 2011's X-Men: First Class, where she showed off her toned figure in a number of revealing costumes. Lenny was pretty laidback when it came to the raunchy outfits.

"She plays a superhero, so how bad can it be? I haven't seen the movie. I'm not a jealous dad at all. I trust her judgment. She's well equipped, and she needs to go out and do her own thing. She's seen enough and was loved enough by both her mom and me that she has made me proud on every account," he smiled.

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